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 小作文:The diagram shows the process of collecting rain water and purifying it to drinking water in Australia.

  写作要点:1时间顺序 2 连接词的使用 3 被动语态 4 一般现在时 5 分阶段


  Not enough students choose science subjects in university in many countries. What're the reasons for this problem? What're the effects on the society?


  有关科目设置的题基本上都是有关中小学的,如science 对比arts, 而关于大学的题目主要是讨论理论课和专业课的侧重问题,从这一点来说,这是一道新题。回答这道题首先要明确一点:不选择science的学生都转向哪里了?近年大学比较流行的专业有business, accounting, economics, nursing, computer science, communication, education. 第二点,science到底指什么?它指的是physics, chemistry, biology

  第一段:science 不像以前那么流行,很多学生转向business, accounting, economics


  1 难学

  2 毕业后的工资不如商科高

  3 实用性不高


  1 科学与物质生活的紧密联系

  2 science是很多实用学科的基础


  In some rapidly developing countries, increasing university students major in business, accounting, communication or computer programing rather than science. I personally believe that this is an inevitable transition in the era of information and globalization when capital flows worldwide and communication technology play a role in almost every field(状语从句). The changes in technology and social evolvement are being reflected in the university subject preference.(进行时被动语态)

  The first reason that science loses its popularity to other disciplines relates to the employment rate and starting salaries upon graduation.(同位语从句) Science undergraduates risk higher unemployment and earn less than computer programmers or businessmen and the gap may be wider in Master degree.(并列句)During the economic recession, some students with interest in science maygive in to the pressure in reality. Another contributor is the difficulty of science subjects that prevent many potential students from enrolling in this faculty.(定语从句) Picturing oneself as a scientist is not easy for a high school leaver. On top of the difficulty of this discipline itself, the application in practice and transforming into profit is harder.

  However, science is so crucial to our human society that no country can afford the consequences of ignoring it.(结果状语从句)Science is the basis of many practical disciplines such as environment science, medical science, space science, engineering, genetic science and so forth. Without the support of general science, many other fields would find it very challenging to get further developed. What’s worse, science is directly related to our material life. We live on scientific research findings and products, ranging from energy supply, aircraft to numerous consumer goods. (非谓语) It is hard to imagine living a life without these scientific advancements.(形式主语)

  To sum up this report, science is less popular than before because the society demands more professionals in other fields such as business and communication.(比较句型+原因状语从句) However I’m convinced that the potential implications are negative to the health of society, hence requiring relevant solutions to reverse the trend. (宾语从句+非谓语)


  1. major v. 主修

  2. inevitable = inavoidable不可避免的

  3. transition = change转变 n. transform v. 转变

  4. the era of information 信息时代

  5. capital 资金

  6. evolvement 进步

  7. reflect 反映

  8. preference 偏好

  9. lose its popularity 不再流行

  10. discipline = program= faculty= major专业 n.

  11. reverse the trend 扭转潮流

  12. risk 冒险 v.

  13. gap = difference差距

  14. give in= surrender 屈服

  15. economic recession 经济萧条期

  16. potential= possible 可能的,潜在的

  17. enroll 注册入学

  18. application 应用

  19. afford the consequence 承担结果

  20. genetic science 基因科学

  21. live on 依靠…生存

  22. range from…to… 范围。。。

  23. energy supply 能源供给

  24. consumer goods 消费品

  25. scientific advancement 科学进步

  26. implication= consequence后果

  27. relevant 相关的

  28. employment rate 失业率

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